I’m all tingly!

The chicks are a-fighting!

Saw on today’s 24 must clicks the following tidbit.

One chick is fighting with Lily Radloff.

I, myself have a slight ptoblem with some of her stuff.

Just struck me as funny that women would get so up in arms about something they have absolutely no control over!

Personally, I like my steak thanks.

I’ll probably never become a vegan – no matter how many wierd ass ads they make about it.

This particular ad leaves much to be desired.

Why on earth would I want to shag a dude smaller than me?

And I’m not talking about me being slightly rounder than I need be.

I’m talking shoulder width.

Why would I EVER let him shag me so much that I’m injured? Would that even be possible?

If anything I’ll do him an injury!!

And would I yearn for more celery induced stamina?

So much so that I’ll walk around with almost no clothes on just to get him more?

Probably not.

Still, the chick in question must have gotten at least some money out of the deal so she’s happy.

Doubt that she gives a toss what the ad was for – probably spent their earnings on a nice steak somewhere…

As for PETA’s continued war on treating animals ethically.

Time they realised.

As long as there are humans on earth, animals will not be treated ethically.

They’re too weak.

They don’t have guns and clubs, opposing thumbs or vocal cords.

They don’t have the capacity to use human adrenal glands for perfume.

Or human skins for covering their naked behinds.

They have not the where withall to use humans in laboratories as, well, guineapigs…

Or to use, seemingly nonexistant, human horns for erectile dysfunction.

As an aside – the way rhino’s are being killed you’d think that not a single Asian man can get it up – yet they’re the most prolific breeders on earth!

All animals have are their teeth and claws – and if they use those weapons, they will be put down.

As the lioness of some or other zoo will probably find out to her dismay.


Maybe they should all calm down to a gentle panic and carry on ruining the earth.

That’s what humans do, after all.

No matter what they eat…

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