Short term insurance.

A grudge purchase.


Be that as it may.

Do you realise how normal you are if you can afford short term insurance?

I have not been able to afford such things for many years.

Just have nothing left over after petrol and bond and food has been paid.

Sure, stop smoking, then you can afford it.

But that’s not the idea.

The idea is to be able to afford both a smoke every so often as well as insurance.


I long for the day when I’ll earn enough money to cover running costs, grudge purchases and essentials.

With a little bit  extra just for me…



9 comments on “Short term insurance.

  1. All insurance at the end is a rip off especially those investment ones where you are paid a so called fortune when turning 60 or 70. You paid in more than what you are “refunded” on maturity day.

  2. i hate insurance……… you buy a vehicle and before you know it the insurance costs as much as the car……….and the insurance companies are owned by the banks that lent you the money to start with,….and i bet you they are the major share holders in all the electro anti hijack gizmos that they insist on too….and they have made extortion the law……… are effectivly buying the damn thing twice……… should not be compulsory……..if i smash it or it gets stolen i have no problem paying off the loan as per the contract….sure as hell beats paying twice and fitting all that electro crap that i dont want to begin with as it hardly ever works……………………

  3. An insurance company is your best friend until you put in a claim. Then they try to prove you are a crook, or that they don’t have to pay because of one of the sections of the 2 million words of small print.

    • Oh, of course!!
      I’ve been at the receiving end of that!
      Which is why I will never take insurance from Auto & General or their subsidiaries.
      I’d like the luxury of being able to afford it…

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