And their sillyness…


Allrighty then.

As wel all kniow, I’m on the dating circuit.

Not that i’ve had a date in quite a while, but still.

I prowl – as it’s been called before.

Not really, but yes.

I’m on the lookout for a likely candidate.


Unfortunately though, I don’t seem to appeal to men of my age.

I appeal to men way older than me.

Now, please don’t get me wrong.

I have absolutely nothing against older men – as long as they realise that I won’t hold my body against them either.


And there-in lies the problem.

I can be friends with all and sundry.

I can chat with you, tease you, go out with you, but that’s where it will stay.

They, on the other hand want more.


And the bottom line is, I don’t enjoy sleeping with a man almost 20 years my senior.

Tried it, did not work, not happening again.

He’s more my mother’s age for heaven’s sake!


I’ve heard this a while ago – why do men approach women they can’t handle?

For the same reason dogs chase cars they can’t drive…


I don’t know why the old men insist on speaking to me.

I don’t want to hurt their feelings, but really – I don’t want an old man as a prospective suitor.

Even though I like old music and old furniture and old cars – I like them because they still look good, and they still work spectacularly.

Old men on the other hand – don’t think everything works so good anymore.

And I can’t play nursemaid and rub liniment – just not my thing really 😉


People please.

I’m totally generalising now.

I know very wake up old men and half dead young men.


Will I never meet a man that makes my insides flutter?



9 comments on “Men.

    • I know Ad.
      But they just don’t do anything for me!
      Maybe I’m too picky and silly looking for butterflies still.
      Would be nice to find one of those, no matter what the age!

  1. lol

    when i tried the online scene i was totally amazed at how many ;young at heart, interesting, active etc etc’ boring old farts there were out there

    why men think they are attractive to younger women when they are not interested in women their own age is an ongoing mystery!

    • It seems a woman can not win these days.
      I have to compete with young, lithe blondes, or young lithe Africans or Indians or Coloureds or other men or wedding rings…
      There’s just no winning some games…

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