Question Game.

Kalinka tagged me in this game.

Her question was :

Would you trust a male psychic, and if not, then why not?


Would I trust a male psychic?

Well, since I don’t usually do psychics, male or otherwise, this is a difficult question.

I do think being a psychic is more of an emotional thing.

And that’s something women, by definition exell at.

So, while I don’t trust either gender – things that go bump in the night belongs in Supernatural, and not in my life, I would be more inclined to believe what a woman says with regards to emotions, and a man when it comes to practicalities.

Then again.

I know women that are harder than any man can ever be, and they’re usually very vindictive.

Where-as a man can hurt, but they’re usually not quite as vindictive as females.



In answer to the question.

I would trust a male psychic – only so far πŸ˜‰


Here’s how the game works.


Option 1:

1. You pick up the question from the blog where you have read it,

2. post an answer that makes sense, and

3. post a question of your own.  Then you

4. tag 2 – 5 other bloggers, challenge them with your question and

5. post your link on the blog where you found the question.

Option 2:

1.  You get tagged

2. – 5. as above


My Question :


Can you possibly trust a used car salesman?


As for tags, let me see…


It will have to be Sam and Hope*


Enjoy the Sunday afternoon folks!



7 comments on “Question Game.

  1. I have no experience whatsoever about psychics, male or female, so I think I’ll skip out on this challenge. πŸ˜‰

  2. πŸ™‚ Thanks for playing! I thought my question was a bit silly but I had to ask something to set the game going. Pretty good answer through!Good question too! (Yours.)

  3. Good question, yours. Well, I can probably trust a used car salesman if the car is sold “voetstoots” because then I will know exactly what I’m in for:-)

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