saturday morning…


It’s been a complete bust!

I do wonder why I even bother to make plans.

It just never works out the way I want it to.

Firstly, went to drumming last night.

Thing is, could not even see where I was driving because it rained so much!

So we ended up sitting at a News Cafe.

With music so loud you could hardly hear yourself think, let alone have a bloody conversation!

Now, that’s all fair and well when people are in their cups, but not so much when you’re sober, and suffering from constant pain.


Had a lekker evening, after all was said and done.

Went back to my sister’s place to give back the unused drums and put her kids to bed – was nice to have little arms wrapped around me in complete trust for the first time in a very long time!!

As for today, the plan was to wake up early, start the washing, be at the lawnmower place by 8am, hand in the lawnmower, go to the maul, have breakfast and get a few things from Checkers and some face stuff.


The kid closed my bedroom door, so I woke up to a horrible smell, which turned out to be a catpat in my shower.

Woke up at 8:30.

On the second last bundle of washing now – at 10:50.

Will put in the last bundle, and then go to have the shower and brave the maul.

But I doubt that.

If you’re not at a maul early enough, it’s just no use – it won’t be a pleasurable experience.

Not that it ever is, but hey.

Some things should be done.

I’ll see how I feel.

As long as I’m at the lawnmower place before they close, I would have accomplished much.

Since the lawn is starting to resemble a jungle.

Will still go dancing tonight.

Don’t know if it will be fun or not.

Don’t know if I’ll stay late or not.

Do know that I don’t have the GPS with me, so I’m likely to get lost somewhere along the line.

Maybe I should just can the whole idea and stay at home.

can always try next week again.

Will see how I feel.


do enjoy your saturday, in spite of yourself!


13 comments on “saturday morning…

  1. Sometimes accomplishing ONE thing in a whole day is a jolly accomplishment. I think you need some fun. :)btw you’ve been tagged.

  2. Oy.. I’m getting the picture reading back on your posts. I have no words really.. firstly, I’m worried about your pain and terrible aches.. hope you’re seeing the right docs? And as for work… my mind boggles how hard it’s been for you .. something good has to happen in your life.. please G-d!!! Love you doll xxx

  3. Most of the aches are gone.Docs, don’t do them if I can fix myself.As for the rest, I do hope G-d has a good plan and not more lessons!!I’m hoping that all will indeed be well Di…

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