So, I heard this little tidbit this morning on the news.

The newsreader was totally disgusted by it.

I mean really!!

How on earth could you eat a cute little rabbit?


OK well, personally, I doubt that I’ll eat it knowingly.

I’ve never been that hungry.


Probably – presume it tastes much like any other red meat, not so?


Thing is.

Rabbits breeds prolifically.

They’re a plague for the most part.

They renew the whole generation every 6 weeks or so.

If you’re poor, have no money for food – why NOT eat rabbits?

I’m sure it does not take long for these things to grow big enough to eat, does not take long for them to procreate again.

It’s a good solution to hunger.


Not like it’s a dog or a cat or something!

And rabbits have been eaten since time began.


Maybe it’s time for all the people that has actual food in their cupboards to climb off their soapboxes and realise that, when there’s no money to waste, you do what you can to eat.

You do what you can to stay warm.

You do what you can to stay dry.


I’ll worry about Rhino’s being killed for stupid male erections more than I’ll worry about rabbits being eaten!

Priorities people! Priorities!!


17 comments on “Rabbitstew…

  1. yes if ever there is food shortages….breed rabbits………….if you are contemplating long space voyages…take rabbits…………….and like it or not the same principle is equaly applicable to cats………….

    • Unknowingly yes, but I might have a bigger problem with eating cats than with eating rabbits 😉
      But all the same principles goes for either I suppose – meat is meat 😉

  2. I love cute little rabbits. On the other hand, I take the practical view. They are nature’s top prey animals. That’s why they breed like – er – rabbits! They are not terribly bright, on the whole, although I did meet a house-trained specimen in the UK.

    They are, actually, very good eating, in stew or otherwise prepared.

    People can be so brainlessly hypocritical.

    • Exactly my point Col.
      There are real issues – rabbits should not be one of them.
      Maybe they had the problem with the rabbits being sold alive and not dead.
      Then again, live chickens are being sold all the time.
      A conundrum this…

      • Very much so, where emotions override common sense. I agree that the partnership build up with cats and dogs should be honoured, but otherwise we are predatory animals and people have to accept this.

  3. Agree with you about the rhinos, 68. I think I have eaten rabbit as a child, but don’t think I would do it out of choice, but out of necessity, I definitely would have no qualms about it..

    • When hungry…
      Or what’s that saying, necessity is the mother of all inventions or somesuch…
      I think the SPCA should put a concerted effort into rhino poaching – maybe they can make a difference there…

  4. Some years ago Pick&Pay tried to sell rabbit meat. It was neatly packed, cheaper than chicken or beef. The idea was to be able to supply to the population without having to import from overseas.
    Practically nobody bought it. So the idea just faded away.

    It was the same on the plot we used to have – if the animal be it a cow, chicken, goose, or whatever, my wife and kids just couldn’t get it down. But buy it neatly packed in plastic from the local and no problem!!

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