…is a day like a day like any other, only more so.


To paraphrase Rick Blaine.


Back to today.

I’m wearing all black.

I have a huge headache – not that sore, it just encompasses my whole head and neck – kind of like a net.

Smothering me.

I’m hungry, but have no wish to eat.

I’m worried, I’m stressed, I’m losing control.


The guy that got the package yesterday is hanging around here, all smiles.

I’m losing my sense of humour with this whole situation.

And the bloody arsewipes that’s trying to defraud anybody they can has put a huge dent in my armour – armour that I need for jobhubting.


So, all in all, today sucks.

Not because it’s Valentines.

Just because the next few hours exist.

I will get through them one way or the other.

And then I’ll go home and NOT watch Casablanca!



12 comments on “Today…

  1. time for drastic action. offer everybody around you refreshment and lace it with brooklax. If anything you will be able to smile as they clutch their guts and run for the loo! 🙂 Hope you feel better later.

    • I’m not holding my breath on that score Esperanza – as I sit here it feels as if my head wants to explode!!
      But hey – it should soon be over…
      Hope yours is not too bad 😉

    • Still with me AD.
      Even worse now – feels like my neck is in some kind of spasm.
      I think I’ll dip into my stash of Valiums tonight – think I have 4 left.
      At least I’m home, so this day can just go away already!!

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