Oh to be swept away…

…on a fantasy!


What would it feel like to walk into an airport terminal.

Or a coffee shop.

And be swept away on a journey that will change the rest of my life?


How would it feel to be rushed off my feet by a look.

A glance to my soul.

A fleeting touch to my hand.

Sending frissons of electricity along my spine.


How will I handle flight from reality.

Straight to the demise of sensibility, or responsibility.


Dare I dream of a knight.

On a shining iron horse.

Sweeping me away from all life’s dreariness.

And on to ecstacy and bliss.


Can I hope that one day, our eyes would meet.

Across a crowded room, or in the line next to me in the bank.

Would I recognise it?


Can I keep it?




10 comments on “Oh to be swept away…

    • Yes well, Col.
      Practically suggests an iron horse may be of more use catching dragons than a white steed…
      Urbanity and all that, don’t you know…

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