On the jobfront…

Things are looking decidedly worse for wear.

I have not heard anything concrete regarding the current state of affairs – so far handling it as if I will be unemployed by the end of March.

One of the dudes that sit across from me was offered a voluntary restrenchment package today.

A whole bunch of relatively prominent people has also left the building.

Rats leaving a sinking ship?

I dunno.

All I can go on is the websites I have access to with jobs advertised.

Althought it would seem that even there you’re not safe from scheming bastards!!

I sent a whole bunch of CV’s off to different companies.

Got these e mails back, saying that if I was serious about the application, I should fax my CV, copy of my matric cert, head and shoulders photo.

So today, before I do all this, I thought to send an e mail to the company that sent out the e mail in the first place.

and apparently these addresses are fraudulent.

I’m going to fax a letter tomorrow to all these fax numbers – these people must know they can’t prey on people that has no other recourse!


I mean, if you’re greedy and somebody relieves you of your money – you probably deserved it.

But how can you prey on the weak?

People that’s already down and out, and now you’re trying to fleece them even more?

Or worse, steal their identity?

I wonder if there’s a place that keeps track of all the fax to e mail numbers currently in the land.

It has to be linked to a mail address.

Wonder if the police will even bother to get involved in that….

Speaking of mail.

My son’s dating this person that lives in Sasolburg of all places.

So “dating” is probably a misnomer.

He’s going there this weekend.

But the young man in question sent him a letter πŸ˜‰

Such a nice gesture.

And not one that gets seen all that much these days.

How nice it was to receive a letter in the post all those years ago…

Suppose that’s why I’m looking for a partner of some kind – would enjoy to give and receive those little gestures once more before I die.


Let’s thank the heavens that today is over.

And may tomorrow be better.


5 comments on “On the jobfront…

  1. These scammers are the absolute pits, 68. Is your company closing down? If not, with all those people leaving, maybe you’ll get to be last man standing, if you get my drift. Maybe you’ll even end up as MD. I also miss the days when one could expect a real letter in the post, which reminds me, I owe my MiL one. πŸ˜‰ xxx

  2. Oh heavens!!Probably not AD ;-)Don’t think they’re closing doen, just getting rif of superfluous staff – of which I’m probably one.Oh well, I’ll find something else I’m sure.

  3. Ai, it’s horrible to have to go through this all the time. Working hard at getting the training company up and running this side so that I can start determining my own salary again.

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