…such a dreadful thing to waste.


Yet, that’s excatly what I did this weekend.

I wasted time.

Could not finish the bloody pond yesterday – weather did not play along.

Did not know from one minute to the next what would happen.

Today of course – the perfect day for working up a good sweat.

And I slept until my sister phoned asking when we’ll be at the church function…

Got home at 13:15 – another day wasted.


Now, I’m fiddling around on the internet – wasting time until it’s time to get into our cars and drive to eldest’s new abode.

Getting pictures of Gustav Klimt scetches…

Have this idea of a pristinely white room – the spare room of course, seeing as both the kids have now flown the coop.

White curtains, white bedding, plain cement floor, white walls, with these pencil drawings on the wall in dark frames.

Either black, like the bedsteads, or maybe a burgundy that will be picked up in either a throw or a scatter of some kind.

Or maybe just a rug between the beds.


Already figured out how to get the floor smooth and shiny, know how to get the walls white 😉 , and BiL will help with a spot of cast iron welding because one of the bedsteads has had a human mishap the last time it was moved around.

One bedside table between the beds with a tall, slender oil lantern type lamp…

Should look absolutely spectacular!!


And, if I get the floor sorted in that room, I can do the same in my study and my own bedroom.


All depending on if I have a job or not!!!


That’s a sword hanging over my head.

And now the places I’m applying to wants proof of my matric certificate!

I’ve been working for longer than most of these twats have been alive and now I must prove my matric!

I mean really!

And I have to send a head and shoulders photograph.


Does it matter if I’m a dog?

As log as I can do the job they should not be worried what I look like!

They all want to make as much money as they possibly can, as soon as they possibly can, but they make it so difficult for anybody to get there.

I’m thinking that employment agencies are really a waste of time.

Yet there’s millions of them out there.

But I’ve nevver been able to land a job through one of them.


Oh well.

Wekend’s almost done.

Time to get used to a solitary existence once again.

Do hope you have enjoyed yours!!


3 comments on “Time…

    • I have way too much time to waste!!
      As for WP – I still have not figured out how to get anything resembling my LD sidebars going.
      Maybe I will, maybe I won’t…

  1. Oh dear, and your had high hopes for your weekend, if I remember rightly. Pity the weather didn’t cooperate with your plans. I really hope you find that perfect job. Hugs xx

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