…such sweet sorrow.


Moved the eldest, yet again, this afternoon.


Once again, loaded his desk and bookshelf, all his books and clothes, into an assortment of cars.

Drove to his new spot.

A room in a commune in Harfield.

Close to the Station, close to the Varsity for his Masters, cloase to a young life.


Away from mom, and home and the stifling that brings.


All as it should be.


Yet, I can’t help but feel sorry that he’s gone again.

Yes, it was a major mission with them both here.

House was never tidy or really clean.



There was another human in the house.

Some kind of movement.

And now I have to get used to being completely on my own again.


Suppose it will come with time.

For now, it’s going to be a bit too quiet for a bit šŸ˜‰

16 comments on “Parting…

  1. Gonna be touch and go for a bit Sam – it’s always worse just the few days after they’ve gone…
    At least I know they do miss me a little bit šŸ˜‰
    We’re still on for Friday night – I’ll have to put a reminder in my phone!!

  2. You do seem to be having a very up and down existence at the moment. I hope your sons will both keep in touch regularly. It’s important to keep those close family ties. They never know when they might need them. Hugs xx

    • Suppose we will keep in touch – not like they moved to another continent or anything. Still. The house is empty once again, and I have to do everything!
      Hope the day is good AD šŸ˜‰

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