For, the love of money…

…is the root to all evil.


I’ve been thinking about money a lot lately.

It makes the world go around.

Without it, you don’t eat, you don’t have a roof, you don’t have clothes.


Yet, money is the thing that causes the biggest strife.


Why do you think Africans are continuously fighting?


Africa is rich in many natural ores and minerals. Even oil.

Yet it’s probably one of the most vicious continents.

The one place on earth where you’re sure to find a war around every corner.

All about money.


Our government is corrupt.

The whole lot of them.

I doubt there’s one honest politician (does such a thing exist?) in our whole cabinet.

All about money.


The Spanish wiped out a whole civilization for gold.

The English almost wiped out South Africans – for gold.


The most powerful men in the world – not the presidents of their contries or the main dude of the UN.

It’s the blokes with money.


Maybe you cna have power without money.

But it never works the other way around.

Money = power.

And that seems to equal a corrupt being.


So yes.

I need money to feed and clothe and house myself.

Would be cool to have an extra bit left over for frivolous things like petrol and maybe a movie sometimes.

I can not, however, sell my soul again to the god Mammon.

The one time I did anything purely for the money was the biggest mistake I have ever made – bar none!

I’m still paying for that oversight.

Still paying for the fact that I did not heed my own good sense.

I let money overwhelm me.

I let the promise of money take away my self confidence.

My sense of self worth.


And I can not let it do that again.


So yes, I may end up getting a decent job, with a decent salary.

As long as I have a job with some money coming in, I’m not too fussy.

If it means that I will never do my pottery course, or only ever buy second hand books, or never go for a movie unless somebody else pays for it – so be it.


I will be able to look at myself in the mirror and be content that my soul is still my own.

That I’m not having to fork over pieces of myself because I made a wrong choice.

And, one day, when I retire, I can look back to a life lived on my terms – and not Mammon’s…


10 comments on “For, the love of money…

  1. this is the reality of life…throughout the whole of human history. Now the pie in the sky people who are on about equality, freedom, human rights ,dignity, blah blah blah etc etc are actually the ones living in an illusion………..The wars in central northern africa,middle east,and eurasia are not going to stop…………..its about control of the resource par excellence…oil……Now i know its fashionable to blame america for this but america is only one of the players on this chess board…….there is no ethics in this game and neither side is moraly or ideological more or less evil than the rest…………….one of the worlds greatpowers,be it america or china or russia or some or other alliance between the three are going to control this resource no matter what…….no matter how many people die,no matter how much it costs…………..remove america from the game and the other two step in and play the same role…………….these proxy nations,iran,syria ,sudan etc etc have no hope in hell of ever bieng free………………..get used to it as it escalates into the future………….hard reality but reality non the less.

  2. One thinks of the alternative: of life on a fertile desert island where half an hour’s gathering or fishing a day will ensure a good meal, and shelter and water are not a problem. The trouble is, one would soon desperately miss the intellectual stimulation available from today’s technology – which needs money.

    • I think, should one live on a desert island, one would know nothing of intellectual stimulation – so should not miss it.
      If life is kept simple, not so much money is needed…

      • Even if one would not miss it, I believe one would have lost something of great value. I would hate to be deprived of great art, literature and music.

      • Same here Col.
        What I meant was that if you were born into the simple life, never having experienced anything else…
        Just the thought of never hearing another Mozart concerto or never able to read another Terry Pratchett book fills me with doom!

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