Facebook WTF!!!

Just read this story on Yahoo news.

Was kind of disturbing.

Why would a silly thing like FB rule your life?

How can you allow it to?

I’ve been unfriended before.

Done some unfriending myself – some things just needs to be done, and I can’t see why you should keep people on your FB account, let them see your life, share your thoughts or bowel movements or whatever you choose to put on FB

So, unfriend the unfriendly person.

But really.

To commit murder because of that?

Kind of screwy if you ask me!

Worse, it was old people that did the killing – people that should know better.

That should not have been caught up in FB at all.

Apparently this lot was caught up in the daughter’s lack of life – she still lives with her parents at 30!

See why it’s necessary for the chicks to leave the roost?

As Gaspode, the wonder dog remarks in Moving Pictures – it bodes…

But seriously people.

FB is a toy.

A game.

Like Rugby and soccer should be seen as a game.

It’s not quite real life.

And really not a matter of life and death!

You should know this.

Realise it.

Live with it.

It should NEVER be taken quite this seriously!!

You could always get a life you know!


0 comments on “Facebook WTF!!!

  1. Very scary when you read things like that.people getting so caught up in cyberspace they don’t know the difference between that and reality!

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