Two sides.

To sex…


Since I downloaded the ibook app on my gorgeous phone, I’ve downloaded a whole bunch of books from epub bud.

I am now reading said books.

All stuff I would not buy in a shop – that i leave for my Pratchetts and Kings.

The stuff I downloaded would be classed as bodice rippers 😉

Makes time pass by pleasantly, and makes me realise just what i’m missing.

Or so the writers would have me believe!!


What I’m beginning to realise while reading these books and talking to the random dudes online is that I’m more inclined to be sensual.

Dudes on the other hand are more inclined to be sexual.

And it seems that there’s a radical difference between the two!


There’s a big difference in gently kissing my neck and jumping in, trying to bite my jugular out!

There’s a huge difference in reverently caressing my breasts and kneading them like it was bread dough!

An enourmous difference between being called the most beautiful woman in the face of passion and being asked – “You like this bitch”

Again – kissing me, sort of tasting me, much different from sticking your tongue down my throat and slobbering all over my face – I do have a shower you know! And I make good use of it 😉

Between holding my hand while we’re having supper and trying to get my dress up around my hips before we’re out of the restaurant – big difference!


Not that everything does not sometimes have it’s place.

I mean a bit of rough and tumble is not always bad.

Can be fun too.

Unfortunately not all the time!!!

And therein lies the problem.

The difference between dudes and chicks.

Apparently, ne’er the twain shall really meet…




10 comments on “Two sides.

  1. Completely agree with you on this one. Whatever happened to courting and chivalry? Sex, after all, should be about kindness and sharing. It takes two to tango…and then the dance is a beautiful one.

    • Only place I have not looked is at church and the library – because all the dudes there are already married and as such, of no use to me!
      They’re at least good for blog fodder if nothing else!!

  2. The romantic ideal is still there, and just because men are men doesn’t mean they can’t embrace it. However, they simply aren’t fed with those ideals, and let’s face it, the actions of so many modern women don’t encourage it!

    Although it is total heresy to say so these days, I still think the best of the ideals of the early days of the last century had a lot to commend them. A genuine partnership in marriage, but with the man having enough income to be sole breadwinner and protector, with the wife being homemaker and constantly there for the children but still with enough time to pursue own interests. When men were masculine and women truly feminine.

  3. I would give much to have such a partnership Col.
    Unfortunately, at my age, and having been single for so long – would be very difficult to give up my independance.
    Not to mention the fact that, should i give up my independance, the person that’s then supposed to look after me – will he?
    Conundrum of note!

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