Cool song…

Thought of this song today.

We’ve got this running joke at work about how to adress people when sending an e mail.

I just use their names.

But was told that that’s rude.

I should use Hi or some such.

And then we talked of a dude that starts all his e mails with Dear…


0 comments on “Cool song…

  1. Thanks for this song, 68. It reminded me of when my sister and I sang it in a talent competition at the seaside in England almost 50 years ago. We won first prize. The previous day, sister had won first prize fr her rendition of, “The Holy City,” Talk about “from the sublime to the ridiculous.” 😉

  2. i always use ‘Hi there’, but that is because 9 times out of 10 i am replying to all!but if it is a private email, normally use hi *name*.but if i am having a bad day, no salutations form *blush*xxx

  3. Memories for me too Ad ;-)We used to sing it in the car with my dad when we were driving down to the coast for our yearly holiday.Or to the farm for a weekend…Dad could sing really well. Miss him.Glad I could let you remember something 😉

  4. I still don’t see why I should Hi anybody.I mean, it’s work.Not a social call.If I talk on the phone, different story.But hey.Suppose I’ll have to start Hi’ing all and sundry 😉

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