Ideals vs Reality…

Can it really be this hard?


Had this discussion with one of my random dudes on whatsapp just now.

He’s apparently getting involved with the department of Education on an alternative something or other for drug abuse.

So, I said he should be aware of the pitfalls in that area.

I still don’t know what the program will entail because we got embroiled in this major discussion about reality vs idealism.

Because I dared say that realities are, well, real.

And that they have to be overcome and solved before your ideals can take place.

Got told that pessimists use reality as an axcuse.

Because, if the Wright brothers worried about the realities, they would never have flown.

Or that Thomas Edison was basically broke when he made his breakthrough.

All fair and well.

These people had ideals.

And they made it.

By overcoming the realities.

Of course, I got quite angry at him for his constant blindness regarding this.

Told him that it’s always been easier dreaming than facing realities.

And the reality of everything is, you have to eat. You have to have a place to stay in.

(He still stays with the parents, even though he has a perfectly good house he could live in – admittedly, life is so much better if your parents still look after you!!!)

These are facts.

So, have your ideals and dreams and goals – just don’t lose sight of reality.

Because it will come and bite you in the ass before too long.

You can’t negate one thing just because it does not suit your purposes.

And if he’d told me exactly what alternative to drug use he’s giving them, I might have had a different reaction.

As it is, I still don’t know how he’s going to accomplish this.

And drug use is not something you fix with a bit of Bible thumping and praying.

You have to fix the environment.

The self image of the drug user.

The family situation of the drug user.

If those things are not looked at, he’s fighting a lost cause.



I told him to have his dreams.

Let other people worry about the realities.

That is, after all what dreamers do…



10 comments on “Ideals vs Reality…

  1. haha….living is easy with eyes closed……………true believers are the most dangerous creatures on earth………….but it makes no difference as ideologists hit the ground with a hard bump somewhere along the way….it just depends how much damage they do along the way……………………..too many bleeding hearts trying to save the world these days….its like a fad or a fashion……..a whole world full of wannabe hippy activist,revolutionary whatever it is you call its……..seems everyone is totally bored and looking for a purpose…………

    • Got that down in a few words Pan 😉
      Seems you’re also more inclined to see the rocks than the pink clouds floating around your head 😉

  2. He does sound like a dreamer, and your argument against his, is very valid. No amount of druggie-huggers are going to make a difference. He’ll just find that he gets walked all over by the copeless ones. Tough love is what is needed; that and professionalism.

    • Suppose I’ll have to ask him how he’s going to do this…
      But I’m sick of random dudes for now – they just irritate the living crap out of me these days!

  3. Dreams are the fluffy stuff we all have going round inside our heads. Reality is what happens when you open your eyes and walk into the world. I have never heard of any druggie being cured by just Bible punching…
    I agree with @adinparadise that professionalism is needed to deal with any major problems, and your friend hopefully has what is required?

    • Exactly what I said to him – be careful not to fall over the rocks at your feet while you have your head in the cloude 😉
      Thanks for the visit Paul!!

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