On driving…

…on South African roads.


Drove to work this morning, as I usually do.

As does everybody else that’s got a job.


I shared my driving experience this morning with an egocentric prick, a silly fat cow and a stupid person of indeterminate gender, and a bunch of seriously idiotic traffic cops.


The egocentric prick.

Drives some or other larney, flat, 2 door jaguar.

With number plates – beggme.

I ask you!

Why on earth would I beg him for anything?

Maybe beg him to take a spelling course, or make sure he’s not dyslexic.

Or to stay off the roads because he can’t drive.

Maybe it’s a dare.

Begg me! I dare you! Begg me!

Kind of irritating.


Silly fat cow.

Drives a dik BMW sedan.

One of the big 7 series I think.

Now, is it just me, or do these cars come out with like built in blue tooth and all the mod cons?

So the silly cow changes lanes, in front of me, without using a indicator.

As I pass her, I see she’s got the hand wedged in the door, clasping a phone and the other hand is used to steer with.

But she’s apparently not sufficiently able to indicate as to what next she’ll be doing.

Suppose it comes wqith driving a BMW.

No matter how stupid you are, the road does belong to you by proxy from BMW themselves.


The stupid person.

Drives one of these Volkswagen something or other with an i at the end.

Cool car.

Probably a good sight faster than mine.

Alas, if the driver has a one figured IQ, no matter how cool the car…

It seems as if this person could not move forward at more than a snail’s pace.

In a 2 lane road that turns into a 4 lane road, 2 of which turns off to the highway and Witkoppen respectively, it moves to the extreme left hand lane.

Only to realise that no, it need to be in the extreme right hand lane.

And proceeds to do just that.

Cuts across all the lanes to turn off to where ever.


Seriously idiotic traffic cops.

OK, I get that that’s their natural state, if you can believe all the jokes.

Could just be doing their job.

But really people – never heard of time management have you?

To back up traffic for 3 off ramps because, for some strange and unexplainable reason, you have to do traffic enforcement on a busy highway during peak hour traffic, just makes no sense to me.

Do it during the day.

Do it on the side roads where most of the traffic infringements are made.

Not on a highway!!

I presume it’s only a matter of time before they start pulling us off for not having regeistered for the stupid e tag thing.


No wonder I’m less than chirpy when I get to work in the morning!!


Do hope your travelling was less irritating 😉



7 comments on “On driving…

    • I have many lofty ideas of leaving for work early enough to miss moet of the idiots…
      Me and mornings have never been good friends!!
      Glad you’re finally here 😉

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