Such is the theme from Sidey.

And since I can’t access Letterdash this morning for whatever reason, I’ll do it here.

And the more I use WP, the more I’m impressed with it.

 All the little bells and whistles – possibly baffling me with bullshit, but it’s cute bullshit.

Bullshit I can actually use.

Fact that I still have not figured out how to get the stuff along the sides sorted is completely besides the point!!


Allrighty then.

Back to the theme.


Supposedly a time to spend with friends.

Have a few beers, maybe have a braai.

Possibly go dancing or to a nightclub to wriggle about on a packed dance floor.

For most people the only time they’re really alive.

When they access the glitter and experience something of what you see in movies and tv shows and magazines.

For me, weekends have settled into a rythm of a sort.

maybe stay up late on a Friday evening, sleeping until my Domestic goddess knocks on the door, washing the clothes, hanging them out to dry.

Possibly potter around in the garden or maybe continuing a project in the garage.

Speaking of which, I should grout my cross this weekend.

Saturday nights are spent with Elenor Moore and 702, listening to the Rat pack and Ella and Billy.

 most likely in a bubble bath with a book.

Sundays are for sleeping really late. Or getting up early and potter around some more.


One weekend though.

One weekend i’ll get into my car on a Friday evening and drive.

Drive to a river, or a dam or something.

I’ll check into my bungalow, I’ll put my toiletries in the bathroom.

I’ll make a fire in the little fireplace, and just sit and stare at the flames.

No people wanting to share my solitude, no kids bothering me.

Nobody asking me to give them money, or what they’re going to eat.

No demands on my time or my body or my ears.

Just me, the sounds of the bush and my fire.

Watching the flames lick the wood.

Changing colour.

 Dancing with the wind.

I’d watch the fire until it is nothing but ashes.

Using the cleansing burn to heal my soul.

And then I’ll go to bed to sleep.

With only silence as a bedmate…


8 comments on “Weekend…

    • such a bummer when you can’t access these things.
      i’m wondering why we have not received any kind of feedback from the moderators.
      seems they have indeed abandoned ship!!
      I’ll make a plan to have my weekend 😉

  1. I’m having trouble clicking back to your blog from you comments on mine ghiatjie. It takes me to the gravatar thing, but if I go back to my older posts and click on your comment it brings me to your blog. Sorry, still a bit stupid with WP. Is there an easier way of going to the blogs I read?

  2. Ok, in answer to your question – I think it has something to do with how I’m logged in when I post the comment. I went into your blog now by just clicking on your blogname at the top of the comment.
    Easiest way would be you following me, and I think you already do that, not so?

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