…is alive and well


And not just in South Africa.

All over the world.

And it goes both ways – not only whiteys are racists.


Read something on FB that brough this topic to mind.

And it’s going to be a difficult post – racism is always fraught with many difficulties.


Yet, it’s a natural thing I think.

You tend to mix with people that thinks the same as you do, that looks the same, that has somewhat the same experiences as you.

Now, if you meet a black woman that’s been through a divorce and had to raise her kids the same as you did – you will have something in common.

You will, however, have different ways of dealing with these things.

Different ways of treating your circumstances.

Because you come from different backgrounds.

For that matter, if I met an Englishwoman that went through the same thing, it will also be different.

For exactly the same reason that it was different with the African woman.


That being said.

Me, as a whitey, get the feeling that I should feel guilty for my whiteness.

Everywhere I look, my niche is being filled by things that has no bearing on me.

Am I really going to buy a magazine that has more adverts in for hair relaxers for African hair than for my own hair?

No, I’m not.

Yet, there’s not a magazine that concentrates on my hair.

Because I had my advantages and that’s over now.

And while we all have to live together, even if not in perfect harmony, surely everybody can be catered to?


Thing is.

I’m still here.

I’m still white.

I still have buying power, albeit not as much as the African people.

How do I excercise that buying power?

By not buying a magazine that I don’t feel comfortable reading.

By not listening to a radio station that does not cater for my needs as well.

I will naturally veer towards things I can relate to.


Yes, I’m narrowing my world, I know.

I still feel I deserve to be recognised – even if only for the fact that I’m an employee, paying taxes and doing my bit for society at large.

And I have no problem removing myself from something that I can’t relate to.

Because, some way, I have to retain me.

I have to stand for something I believe in.

I have to be proud of who and what I am.


I will not be made to feel less just because I’m a specific skin colour.

Some may say that I’m getting some of my own medicine back now.


And this is exactly what happened in the previous regime – only to the other side.

I have to deal with it as best I can.

And I will.

To the best of my ability.

Because I know who I am, where I come from, where I’m going to.

And I don’t need other people’s permission to be me.


As always, this is my own opinion.

And not meant to slight anybody in the process…






4 comments on “Racism…

  1. I think it’s only natural to gravitate towards people with whom you have a lot in common. No need to feel guilty about that at all. Racism of some kind or other will always exist in every country. It’s just sad that our government seems to bang that drum more than any other, probably to try and shift the blame for their own ineptitude when it comes to helping the masses. I don’t see how anyone could possibly take offence at your post, 68. Enjoy your weekend. xxx

  2. Old old saying birds of a feather …… is a natural human reaction. Be proud of who you are and respect other beliefs and cultures. 🙂

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