Burning hunk of love…


This seems to be the general thought in most men’s minds.

“I’m a burning hunk of lurve baby!”

Sadly though, you’re not.

All you really are is a pitiful, fat bellied opportunist.

Wanted to add pig to the whole thing, but decided against it – even pigs have some morals. I think!

Why do men cheat?

A question to wich there seems to be no answer.

Because not all men cheat.

And not all cheating men cheat all the time.

Some cheat because the wife is not interested in sex.

Some cheat because the wife is not fulfilling a mental need.

Some want to, but never take the next step.

Some do, and never do it again.

To my way of thinking though, men cheat because they can.

How many cheating husbands are taken back by their wives?

As opposed to how many cheating wives being taken back by their husbands?

I personally know a woman that’s been married to the same dude for something stupid like 30 years, and she’s lived with his infidelities all that time.

Of course, now that the bloke’s sickly, he can of course not filander anymore., so the wife will be good enough to wipe his arse and carry around medication.

What I don’t quite get is why a young man, with no real attachments, would still cheat on his girlfriend?

And with an older woman no less!

So it’s a question of having your cake and eating it too?

I mean, shagging an older chick is probably fun because they’re suppsed to have more experience or whatever the hell it is young men think older woman have!

But you’re not going to start a family with her, now are you?

You’re not going to proudly present this old chick to your mom  and dad.

And if you do, you’re just silly!

Because really, the only thing an older woman have in abundance are issues and baggage and hangups. Not to mention the saggy boobs and wrinkles and grey hair for the most part 😉

Oh, and she’s done with raising her own kids – don’t really feel like raising somebody else’s kids too!

Patience is not part of that abundance.

Especially not patience with young pups thinking that the old chicks will shag anything just because they’re not sure where the next shag is going to come from!!

Let it be said now – the time that a man was necessary for a good shag is long gone my dears!!

No more do women have to rely on the availability of some dude when they’re feeling frisky!

And if they feel the need for an actual man, they can go and look for one that actually turns them on – and are not just the next best thing to a dildo…

Every time I have one of these unfortunate conversations with some random dude, it just punches another hole in the theory that not all men are the same.

And, while my reason tells me that it has to be true on some level – look at all my married friends, both male and female, and no cheating on either side – my experiences of late does not allow for that theory to hold any truth.

Or, that I’m broken and the only men interested in me would be the ones that wants a piece on the side, never thinking about said piece’s peace of mind.

Which creates yet another barrier for people to cross – because the mind starts telling you that if a bloke is interested, there must be something wrong with him…

And who wants any kind of relationship based on mistrust?


It would be so glorious to meet a dude that’s just rational and sane.

And not too much under the impression of his own godlike prowess…

As always, my own, personal opinion.


8 comments on “Burning hunk of love…

  1. And that’s going to stop dudes from taking a chance?
    And while I’m at this club I have to mingle. With people?
    Ark really – I expected a better suggestion from you dude!!!

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