Thursday's titter…

The asscrack of dawn was when I woke…

And that will be the story of my life.

Son starts work at 7 – probably about 5km’s from my work – so guess what…

Ass crack of dawn it will be for me for the forseeable future.

What we won’t do for our kids!

I did not hold out much hope for this yesterday – he seemed less inclined to stay there and make an active start to his life.

All of us spoke to him about the choices he has in life, and I for one, told him that I’m not quite prepared to look after a grown-up child for the rest of my life!

Not when he can actually do something for himself.

Apparently mom also had a chat with the youngster, and maybe, just maybe, he’s beginning to realise what it’s all about.

Yes, it sucks to be an appy.

Sure, it’s no fun starting at the bottom of the ladder.

But all of us has to start somewhere!!

And usually that’s at the bottom of the start.

We can but hope.

Think I must make work of that iPad – soon!!!

Going to have many hours in the day where I’ll not be doing anything but wait for the child!


I’m really not looking forward to this!

Suppose I’ll have to make yet another sacrifice for the good of my child.

And do it with a smile on my face…

Oh my word!

Just saw the sun peeping through the trees.

Blood orange ball hanging in the sky.

Pink light diffusing the clouds – suppose there’s something to be said for early mornings.

Although I usually prefer to sleep through them 😉

I’m not good in the mornings – at all!!!

Having lunch today with one of my workmates.

A chick this time.

Will probably be the first time in a year that I had any social outing with a woman, other than my family.

Wonder what that says about me.

Oh well, not that I really care.

Things happen as they should – that would be fate, or the Universe, G-d, synchronicity…

Any and all of these things pre-determine what will happen to you – one way or the other.

According to my way of thinking in any case.

So, maybe I should start the day proper.

Don’t know why, kid has left – doing the trip on his own today again.

Will see how it goes tomorrow.

For now, I might have to eat something or read something or something 😉

Do have a good one – it’s almost the weekend baby!!!


A man boarded an airplane in New Orleans with a box of frozen crab. A female
crew member took the box and promised to put it in the crew’s refrigerator,
which she did.

The man firmly advised her that he was holding her personally responsible
for the crabs staying frozen, and proceeded to rant at her about what would
happen if she let them thaw out. She was annoyed by his behavior.

Shortly before landing in New York , she announced over the
intercom to the
entire cabin, ‘Would the gentleman who gave me the crabs in New Orleans ,
please raise your hand?’

Not one hand went she took them home and ate them herself. Men never

0 comments on “Thursday's titter…

  1. Have a good day hun!We all have to start at the bottom and work our way up the ladder!As for lunch with a chick friend, highly recommend it! I try to do so at least twice a month with a non family member! A friend and I are trying a place called the beach blanket on saturday!

  2. Starting at the bottom is a good place to start. It’ll teach him values and how to appreciate things…Feel sorry for you getting up at the crack of dawn – I would die!! Have a good onexxx

  3. Difficult to change from lazing around all day to actually working for a living. Keep working on him and explain what happens if he walks out.

  4. Your son just has to hang in there. It will get better, but the start is always difficult. Good luck to you both. Love the joke. 😉 xxx

  5. Youngsters these days think they will get all the good things in life handed to them on a golden plate. How about working for them. We all started at the bottom. And we all worked hard to get where we are now. Love the joke. Bwhahahaha.

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