Well, slap me silly…

…and call me Lottie!!!


Heard on the news this morning that a police dude died while on a training excercise in the “HEAT OF DAY”!!!

While it is very unfortunate that they young man had to lose his life for whatever reason – young people should not die – the fact that he was even on the field was probably an oversight on the part of the recruitment officials.

What got me was the fact that it was apparently very hot while they were doing their training.

So allright then.

You’re in the police force.

You’re supposed to chase after bad guys when the need arises.

Will the bad guys wait until the day is not hot anymore?

Will they wait while you get your second wind, or while you’re finishing your lunch?

I somehow don’t think so.

So, firstly.

The recruiters should do more stringent physical testing.

Secondly, recruits should actually only train in the harshest conditions – how else are they going to get tough?


You chose a profession that’s not supposed to be comfortable. You are supposed to be the last line of defence against civilians and criminals. I, as a civilian, would prefer you to care more about my safety than how hot it is today.

Would prefer you to be out on the streets, patrolling, rather than sitting in airconditioned offices, waiting for the worst heat to die down.


So, in order to get you on top form, you should be trained harshly.

And you should handle your misery.

Because if you want to be a good policeman, a bit of heat should not stop you.

And we live in Africa for heaven’s sake!!

Heat is what we have here – in abundance!!


As always, this is just my own opinion.



12 comments on “Well, slap me silly…

    • They don’t know yet – a post mortem will have to be done.
      So, of course, it’s turning into a major political thing – one of these days they will insist on people training only between 8 and 10 in the morning, inside big, airconditioned buildings…

  1. 2 years of harsh physical training gets completely undone in the first 6 months of sitting on your ass doing nothing.

    • Very likely the case Ad – which is why they should have more stringent tests.
      Suppose we’ll find out sooner or later what killed the poor child.

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