Good things happen to good people.

Not often, I’ll grant you.

But sometimes things happen that help you see the future instead of a dark, gaping chasm.

Of course, life is such that the good things can be ripped away completely, leaving on the the chasm.

But i shall not go there.

For now, I’m going to be thanful that my son is starting work tomorrow.

I will hold fast to the positive reinforcement I have to practice.

He will keep this job.

He will face his responsibilities.

He will be able to handle the physical rigours.

He will deal with the difficulties like an adult.

He will understand the ramifications.

He will be aware of the consequences of his actions.


I can just pray that he will keep this, and at last make a start to his life, instead of lounging about.


Oh, and I have a lunch date with a random dude…


Wish me luck 😉


10 comments on “Sometimes…

  1. Awesome news re your son hun! I wish him all the best with it and hope it brings about the drive and determination to stick with it!
    Oh, and good luck with you random lunch dude 😉

  2. best of luck……….and looking to the future just remember that it makes no diffrence what he does with this job….sooner or later all (most) of us grow up and find our place in the big scheme of things………….

    • Put it like this.
      His father is 46 – he’s only now reslising he can’t blame other people.
      Positive thinking.
      Otherwise I’m lost!

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