A bit of a rant…

See the heading?

I have an opinion, and I’m not afraid to use it.

What I’m about to write is my opinion of drivers using hazard lights to indicate sudden braking.




If you are going to turn anywhere, use your turn signal.

That’s why it’s called a turn signal.

If you have no idea where the hell you’re going to, wait until peak hour traffic is done and the you take to the road.

Alternatively, get a GPS.

But don’t use your hazards if you’re going to suddenly turn off the road.

You’re just pissing me off, and souring an already kak driving experience even more!!


And now for something different.

Not completely because it still partains to roads…

I travel through Sandton for a good while on my way to work.

And the roads there seem to be worse than in my, cheaper, neck of the woods.

Why is that I wonder?

Potholes seem to develop overnight, there’s always water not draining properly as well as water from leaking pipes deteriorating the road surface even more.

So, they patch the potholes.

2 months later, they’re back agai, just as uncomfortably dangerous and twice as big.

4 months later they might get patched.

Not to mention robots!

One of the robots in Rivonia road has been off since before Christmas last year.

It’s still not working.

Traffic is messy in the whole of Rivonia  road because of that.

Now, one wonders.

Do the municipalities have budget for ths?

Or is all that money being used to line someone’s pocket or paying for hotel bills and blue light cars?

 Why do they not have a decent reporting system, as well as a decent reaction system to problems like this?

Or is it the African way – leave everything to turn to chaos and then sit back and enjoy…


Ok then.

My rant for the day done.

Maybe the rest of the day might get better.

One just never knows!!!


And just as an aside – WP autosaves your drafts!

No more lost posts!!!!

Go well peeps – until later..


6 comments on “A bit of a rant…

  1. Potholes are a pain.

    There is one road in Randburg whener they literally dug up the whole road, put in pipes to carry away water and within 1 wet season the road has erupted and sunk again.

  2. I think this is happening nationwide. Maintenance takes second place to parties and overseas trips to study the problem of potholes (ostensibly) while going shopping (actually).
    Having decided not to duplicate posts, have you decided how to split them? I mean, one for rants and another for ecstasies, or something like that?

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