…does it start raining after the garden has been watered?

…am I writing things that nobody reads?

…do I wonder about life?

…is it so difficult to find a trustworthy person?

…so impossible to get forward in life?

…are there so many people that can’t drive?

…can’t people use their brains?

…do we need politicians?

…can’t I help my child?

…do we only know the answers to things when it’s to late?

…can’t I shut down my brain long enough to fall asleep?

Just a few questions that have been plagueing me of late.

Maybe tomorrow will bring acceptance, if not answers…


0 comments on “Why…

  1. yeesh! um, no answers here hun!i do hope that you find the answers you are looking for soon.Have you heard anything regarding the job front for your son?Enjoy the rest of your weekend hun :)xxx

  2. Nagging questions, indeed. The ‘reading’ bit, it seems to me, is due to the fact that so many people have either lost interest in blogging on this forum, or are doing the premature move to WordPress. My blog there is fast becoming more active than the one here.

  3. This week the questions. Next week?… More questions.Some people are still reading your blog. Comments don’t always relate to readers. continuer à vivre dans l’espérance

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