Friday's funnee…

At last.

Friday has arrived.

Bells and whistles fully deployed.

Huge fanfare, what with dogs barking and kids performing, doors slamming.

All in all, a typical start to the end of the week.

Was in the kitchen last night.

Yes, it’s been known to happen – I have to traverse the whole length every day to get to the rest of the house 😉

Making a late night snack.

And the visiting cat decides to use the sandbox.

Always only while I’m busy there, he decides to do his business.

Son reckons the cat is a social shitter 😉

I had such a giggle. Actually still am – it was funny Laughing

As I already mentioned, it’s Friday.

Planning on going dancing tonight – think it might just be what the doctor ordered!

And since I de-greyed the hair last night, I thought I might do something with the hair tonight.

Turn it into a river of chocolate silk for the evening.

Last time I did that was for the wedding in December – think it’s time to go to some effort.

We have to report to mom’s tomorrow – since it’s her b day.

So there will be koek en tee and general merriment.

And Sunday we’ll be having lunch at the Voortrekker Monument to commemorate the event.

And on Monday she’ll have another chemo.

She’ll have one chemo a month until March, and then she’ll have one a week for the whole of April.

Might become a bit hairy then, no pun intended!!!

Luckily, my aunt from Thailand is landing here on the 30th of March, and will be staying for 3 months.

She’s always been the caretaker of the family, and it will be good for mom to have her sister here when she’s going through the worst of the treatment.

May it then be the end of this particular illness.

Just heard on the news that we’re likely to pay more for petrol again.

Suppose the petrol price must be an easy source of revenue for the government.

Yesterday, I was spreading my views on politicians.

Dude that sits across from me, suggests that he should introduce me to some of his politician friends.

Just to see what happens.

I doubt that I’ll be as vocal on my views with a  stranger, but I might make an exception.

Might be good to see if there’s an actual person behind all the hot air.

But politics never makes for comfortable conversations – so it might just be a verbal bloodbath.

I have no idea how to run a country.

What I do know is that if you have problems, you take them one at a time, and find solutions.

And people that can do the job.

No use just falling around from place to place, patching something here, breaking something else there…

Maybe the politician can change my views.

And, truth be told, maybe change how I see politics.

Although – they all seem to be out for personal gain rather than the good of anything.

Then again, I don’t know if it will be an ANC poilitician or a DA politician.

Either way – I’m sure it will be a lively conversation.

As an aside.

Same dude’s wife phoned yesterday.

I answer their phones when they’re not there because the constant ringing irritates me.

I’ve met this person’s wife before, even gave her a lift to PTA once.

She obviously did not recognise my voice, because she made it clear that it was his wife phoning and that I should give him the message.

Just to make sure that I know he’s married, taken, not available to the rest of womankind.

Sure sister.

Like I want your lanky beanpole of a husband!!!

Sure, we have some thoughtprovoking conversations, but that’s about it!!

Nothing for her to break her little head over!

Maybe, get a job, then you’ll not feel quite so insecure about the husband…

Sorry, I’m bitchy.

But really, not every single divorced woman are only looking for the next husband to get in her clutches!

And now, let’s start Friday.

Sooner it starts, the sooner it finishes, and I can go dancing 😉

Do have a good weekend all!!

Looking Old

Have You Ever Been Guilty Of Looking At Others Your Own Age And

“surely I Can’t Look That Old.” Well… You’ll Love This One.

My Name Is Alice Smith And I Was Sitting In The Waiting Room For My
First Appointment With A New Dentist. I Noticed His Dds Diploma, Which Bore
His Full Name.

Suddenly, I Remembered A Tall, Handsome, Dark-haired Boy With The Same
Name Had Been In My High School Class Some 40-odd Years Ago. Could He Be The
Same Guy That I Had A Secret Crush On, Way Back Then? Upon Seeing Him,
However, I Quickly Discarded Any Such Thought.

This Balding, Gray-haired Man With The Deeply Lined Face Was Way Too
Old To have Been My Classmate. After He Examined My Teeth, I Asked Him If He
Had Attended Morgan Park High School

“yes. Yes, I Did. I’m A Mustang,” He Gleamed With Pride.

“when Did You Graduate?” I Asked.

He Answered, “in 1959. Why Do You Ask?”

“you Were In My Class!”, I Exclaimed.

He Looked At Me Closely. Then, That Ugly, Old, Bald Wrinkled, Fat,
Gray, Decrepit Son-of-a-bitch Asked, “what Did You Teach?”


0 comments on “Friday's funnee…

  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom for tomorrow. I hope she has a lovely day and enjoys having her sister over from Thailand. I don’t think I’d enjoy socialising with politicians at all. 😉 Enjoy the dancing. xxx

  2. Mama’s had a lovely day, as did everybody else – she had a veritable feast laid out for us!!tomorrow we’ll carry on celebrating with lunch at the Monument – always worth doing 😉

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