Days like today…

I’ve decided to not do the same blog on both WP and LD.

Don’t have that many readers on either, so it really makes not much difference.


But I digress.

On days like today, the world seems less like an oyster, and more like a boiling pot.

Full of churning – emotions, hopes, dreams, fears, issues.

As things stand now, I’m having to do a change-over in my house.

Because I have children, and it’s my job to look after them.

I listen to the Harley in the garage at work, and I see my dream – being ridden by somebody else.

I see happy people, and I realise – I’m not one of them.

I realised that, no matter how things might seem, in no way should you allow yourself to become dependant on anything from other people.

Not love, not acceptance, not self-confidence, not friendship, help, a shoulder…

I realise this is not quite how things are supposed to be.

Unfortunately though, I seem to surround myself with people that are more interested in getting their own gains met.

And, in so doing, other people’s needs will always run a few steps behimd.

And that’s why I always try to do things by myself.

At least then, if I am disappointed, I only have myself to blame.

Which might sound wrong, and it might very well be wrong.

It works for me.

And I think it will continue to work for me.

Better on your own, than trampled by the masses…


10 comments on “Days like today…

  1. I have found that that is almost always the case with people. Sad but true.
    Hope your changeover is not too major or stressful!
    Which blog will you remain with?

    • Well, we all have to move, regardless.
      I’ll carry on blogging here, see what the other one looks like – might keep both.
      Use one for off centre posts and the other for mainstream ones 😉
      Everybody needs a bit of a release every so often 😉

  2. I always try to think of that line from Kung Fu Panda: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and to day is a gift. This is why it is called the present.”
    Watch a funny movie – always helps.

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