The Change vi

The rest…

On the way to the hospital to visit Miss Delacourte, the day’s findings lingers in the man’s head.

Trying to solve this puzzle was giving him a headache.

He does not even know what to call the person that’s been working for him for the past 3 years!

She was his safe place – always seeing to things just so.

He walks into her hospital room with a bunch of flowers and chocolates.

He has no idea if she will like it or not, but hey- try anything once.

Either she likes it or she does not.

He’s too tired to worry about it in any case.

The rest of the afternoon was spend on getting the spare bedroom in a liveable condition, making sure that his  spot is really spotless, fit for habitation by a completely unexpected guest!

She looks up at him from where she’s lying in the hospital bed.

Dark circles under her eyes, wearing a hospital gown.

It hit him that he did not even know where she lived!

Otherwise he could have brought her some stuff from home…

“Er…good evening Miss, er…uhm…Helena.”

Her eyes become shadowed, mistrustful…

“You again! Why have you come to visit me?” she asks him.

“Well, you worked for me. We’ve known each other for 3 years. I thought it might be good for you to see a friendly, if not familiar, face?”

She still looked wary.

Not that he could blame her.

Too many things happening too soon – enough to make anybody mistrustful of the whole situation.

“The doctor said he will be discharging you tomorrow. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve readied a room for you at my house – can’t leave you alone with the head injury.”

“Do you remember where you live? I can go and pick up some clothes for you…”

He trailed of when her face crumples into tears.

“I don’t know where I live…and I know I can’t go back to where I did live”

“What’s to become of me?!”

“There, there my dear. Nothing will happen to you. I will look after you if you’ll let me?”

The man was not at all sure that he could look after her.

Not at all sure that it would be a good thing for their lives to become entangled on any level…

Alas, his sense of duty does not allow him to shirk what he feels is his responsibility.

And this woman became his responsibility the minute he found her groaning on the floor of his office.

He will see what tomorrow brings…


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