Something that happens to everybody.

A thing you can’t escape.

The final act of life is death.

Reason for these dark thoughts on a sunny Sunday Afternoon would be Supernatural.

Managed to get my hands on season 6.

Lots of deals with the Devil, resurrections and the like.

People brought back from hell, heaven, purgatory…

I’ve lost people.

First one was my Father – spoke to him in the morning, by 10am he was no more.

Do I want him back?

Sure I do.

Would I make a deal with the Devil because I can’t live life without him?

I don’t think so.

See, thing is.

If we don’t die, life has no meaning.

If we don’t have to cram as much living into the time we’re allowed, why bother?

Can always mope around wanting to know the reasoning behind it all.

What would that accomplish?

We’ll still die.

And then you’ve wasted so much time in pondering unponderable questions…

When you could have spent time with a family, or with friends.

Eating good food, drinking good wine.

Lighting candles just because you can.

Lying in a bubble bath, listening to good music.

Or just sitting in the bush somewhere, listening to Nature taking her course.

Sure, I don’t know what to expect when I die.

Heaven, Hell, 7 circles, Purgatory, Nothing…

I don’t know.

Point I’m trying to make here is that people need to die.

You need to feel the emptyness in your life, in order to enjoy the life you do have.

You need to realise what that person meant to you – and for many, it’s only once that person has gone.

You need to deal with the emotions it brings.

And you need to learn to stop and smell the roses much more often than you currently do…

Long days and pleasant nights…


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  1. Death certainly adds a lot of interest to life. And to questions like, ‘Why am I me? What will I be when I stop being me? What is it like being someone or something else?’ And so on!

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