Are such simple creatures, not so?

In the past 9 months I’ve met many.

I’m still meeting a bunch – at least it gets me out of the house, if nothing else.

Why do they all offer the same thing though?

Is there really not a single one out there that is prepared to put some effort in?

No matter what they say,

how they say it.

It all boils down to just one thing.

What if I meet a man.

A man taller than myself.

That has no boep.

Actual hair.

With soft lips.

And nice hands.

What if, I meet a man.

That can laugh with me.

That can laugh at himself.

A man that will see behind the walls.

One that can hold his shoulder for me.

One that will want to cherish me.

What if I meet that man?

Could I hold him close to me?

Can I share in the warmth of another human being?

May I hold his hand?

Shall we dance together?

What if I already met him?

What if he’s looking for me too?

What if – to make me miserable?

Or to give me hope?

68ghia 2011

Long days and pleasant nights to all…


0 comments on “Dudes…

  1. Very well put, maybe I understand, maybe I am an escapist already captured. But your dream is absolutely beautiful. Your Old Man Newsy.

  2. Are there any like that out there?(I always joke & say, if they can find me a man with small ears & a small nose, I will look twice)Enjoy your weekend

  3. And such a sweet man you are Newsy ;-)As the saying goes – A man, or in this case, a woman, without dreams are like a broken winged bird that can not fly…I will always have hope πŸ˜‰

  4. there has to be E!!If I stop believing what do I do all these things for then?Nope, I have to believe that he’s out there somewhere…

  5. nice take on the weekend theme, unluckily all the dudes i meet are only interested in that thing in between their thighs…enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  6. Lovely one, gf, and as I keep telling you – he’s out there somewhere….. You are far too awesome of a human being not to find the love you deserve.

  7. Thanks for that vote of confidence girl ;-)It just sometimes seems as if he still has to be born, and then I will be waaaaay to old for him!!

  8. Beautifully written chick. What if, indeed you’ve already met him and you just don’t realise? If not, I really hope he is looking for you too…x

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