Today, I had another hosepipe incident.

Today, all that was wrong in my world,

centered around a stupid hosepipe.

The last straw,

The absolute top of the crapheap,

Of my So-called life.



Why can I not live a decent life?

Does everything have to be crap?

Why can even a simple job, like watering the garden,

not be calming?

Or nice?

Or FFS easy???

Because I don’t know the answer, I ask another question.


When is it going to stop?

when am I going to have a life?


When I’m dead?

When the kids have left home?

When I find a good man?


Maybe never?


© 68ghia 2010


0 comments on “Today…

  1. What a really awful day, 68. What can I say, except I hope you have a good night’s rest and that things go better for you tomorrow. Hugs xx

  2. You are not your feelings!You are much more, and you canguide your feelings by reminding yourself thatyou didn’t feel like this all week.Nor all your life until now.You had and have times of not feeling on topof your world – but it also PASSES!Remind yourself that things was fine and will be fine again.We all have had similar times & – feelings.It passed.Even tomorrow will be better after a good nights sleep!We care!

  3. Thank you B.Knowing that you do care about me is another revelation that God is with me, no matter how dark life might seem…

  4. I made a rather lengthy post on temperaments and instincts on my blog, which just could help you in gaining and keeping perspective in your current circumstances.I trust that you are feeling much better already!

  5. It always passes, thanks CW.While the storm is raging though, it’s no fun at all!But I do feel much better now, thanks…

  6. Did you have a good scream?I understand that kind of a day, however, it must not govern the rest of your week:)Your life has already improved, you’re just not aware of it – open your ears and hear the music of blessings all around you…sweet dreams my friend:)

  7. Thanks Dee.With the help of a few good people, I managed to cross the chasm that lay before me.I had a good scream, choice words, and then the dam burst – was about time too I think!Might look slightly less than sparkly tomorrow, but that’s to be expected…Go well darling Dee – you are appreciated…

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